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Understanding what we need to be productive isn't just about optimizing output; it's about crafting a lifestyle that aligns with our values and interests.
By identifying the specific conditions under which we thrive—be it the silence of an early morning, the dynamic buzz of a café, or the structured environment of an office—we can achieve our best work and live our best lives.
This self-knowledge is a foundation for building routines, choosing workspaces, and selecting tools that resonate with our personal and professional goals. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit
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In this episode, we're returning to our conversation with Darren Murph, the Head of Remote at GitLab, originally recorded in July 2021. As we navigate the shifting landscapes of remote work in March 2024, Darren's insights on fostering company culture from a distance have only become more salient. This revisit highlights Darren's valuable strategies for cultivating a strong, unified company culture in remote settings and reflects on how these approaches have stood the test of time. Tune in to rediscover Darren's expert advice and explore how his wisdom continues to guide teams towards embracing and embodying their culture, no matter where they are. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit

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In this episode of the Collaboration Superpowers podcast, we hosted esteemed guests David Horowitz, Esther Derby, and Diana Larsen. The conversation dived into the essence of conducting a successful remote agile retrospective, highlighting the importance of clear goals, structured feedback, and the engagement of all team members. Our guests shared common pitfalls in organizing retrospectives, such as lack of preparation and inadequate follow-up on action items. They reflected on their journey of writing and updating their seminal book on agile retrospectives, noting the adjustments made in the second edition to address changes in the agile landscape and incorporate new learnings. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit

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In this episode, we explore the transformative impact of intentional teamwork in remote and hybrid environments. We discuss how deliberate collaboration, clear communication, and a shared vision can create a cohesive, productive team.
Learn how teams that collaborate with purpose and strategy can overcome the challenges of distance, utilize diverse strengths, and achieve extraordinary results. Listen in to discover how intentional collaboration can become your team's ultimate superpower in today's ever-changing work landscape. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit
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DOM PRICE is the head of R&D and work futurist at Atlassian. Originally from Manchester, now living in Sydney, Australia, Dom spends half his time on the road between the US, Europe, and Australia. We discuss what Atlassian struggles with and how they share and scale knowledge throughout their organization. We also discuss how they manage communication with teams having different backgrounds, cultures. and rituals – and what they do when conflict arises.

Dom's LinkedIn:

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In a traditional office, overhearing incidental conversations can lead to serendipitous learning and fast problem-solving. But how can we simulate this beneficial aspect of office culture in an online environment? Here are actionable tips to help you recreate the magic of overhearing, even when your team is spread across different locations. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit

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Overworking can stem from various factors, including the desire to accommodate different time zones or the absence of physical cues signaling the end of the workday. This constant “on” mode can lead to burnout and decreased productivity. Recognizing the signs and implementing strategies to maintain a healthy work-life balance is essential. For more stories of remote teams doing great things, visit

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