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Hugo Messer is the CEO of Bridge Global IT Staffing and the author of Managing Remote Teams. We discuss offshoring, nearshoring, cultures, scaling virtual teams and more. For more stories, visit

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Marion Smits is associate professor and neuroradiologist at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam (NL), and honorary consultant and reader at University College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in London (UK). We discuss how she works remotely with her staff and graduate students. For more stories, visit

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ShriKant Vashishtha is the Director of Engineering at GlobalLogic. His specialties include technology strategy and implementation, distributed Agile, and Agile transformation. I talk with him about his experiences working with distributed Agile teams. For more stories, visit

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Jeremy Stanton has been working remotely for 15 years. In this interview he shares his insights on hiring and onboarding, creating culture, defining expectations, and wearing pants! For more stories, visit

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Mark Kilby's specialties include Agile retrospectives, organizational change, and coaching distributed teams and stakeholders on continuous collaboration. I talk to him about Agile and remote teams, virtual facilitation techniques, productivity, management, and more! For more stories, visit

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Category:general -- posted at: 10:21am CET develops software in an "extremely" distributed mode. They have no central office, no meetings, no conference, calls, and no Skype chats. They work through task management systems and call it: "Team as a service". I interview Yegor Bugayenko, Founder and CTO, about this unique way of working! For more stories, visit

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Iwein Fuld is the founder of StarterSquad, a company with no employees - only entrepreneurs. We hear how they built their community of success and how they make it work. To learn more about StarterSquad, visit For more stories, visit

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Brian Day from NASA's Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute takes us on a tour of the Lunar Mapping and Modeling Portal - a program that allows anyone to take a virtual tour of the moon. For more stories, visit

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Hassan Osman is the author of Influencing Virtual Teams, a book with practical concrete things you can do when managing your virtual team. We talk a lot about trust, and Hassan gives us some great tips for how to build trust. For more stories, visit

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Pilar Orti runs the Virtual, Not Distant consulting firm in the UK. Her speciality is coaching virtual teams. In this interview we discuss humanizing the virtual office: how to bring spontaneity to your remote team and how to be creative virtually. For more stories, visit

Find Lisette on Twitter at

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