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ABBY DOWNING is the partner and creative director at The Superfan Company, an all female team of pop-culture enthusiasts creating powerful programs and products that engage superfans. In this interview we discuss how Abby's team communicate with each other internally - and deal with the different communication styles their clients have. We also discuss how to manage being always on, how to deal with conflict, what to look for when hiring remote colleagues, and how artists are making more personal connections with their fans. For more stories, visit


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JAY HYETT and RUMA DAK are Delivery Coaches at Envato, a collection of themed marketplaces where creatives sell digital assets. Envato allows their employees to work from wherever they are most productive, and even encourages them to travel for 3 months of the year. In this interview we discuss how they stay aligned, profitable and connected with a workforce that works from anywhere. For more stories, visit

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