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Remote workers and distributed teams can both struggle with long, strange hours and working too much in general. As we near the end of the year, we take a look at what it means to feel well-rested. Why should we strive for it? What can we do to better protect our time? What ritual can you put into place that allows you to have good boundaries between work and play. How can you get the maximum amount of rest that you need to feel inspired, creative, and productive? Here's to a well-rested 2020. For more stories, visit

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AMIR SALIHEFENDIĆ is the Founder and CEO of Doist, a fully remote company that makes the popular tools Todoist and Twist. In this interview, Amir shares some of the successful and unsuccesful experiments Doist has tried over the years to improve alignment and communication among colleagues. We also discuss the importance and power of asynchronous communication, some tips on what to look for when hiring remotely, and how to prevent overworking. For more stories, visit .

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