The Collaboration Superpowers Podcast
2021 in review. The purpose of this podcast has been to help you—whether you’re a team member or a team leader—know what it takes to work remotely, successfully, with others. But beyond the specifics of just what to do when and why, there is a larger, even higher message. Being a successful remote worker also makes you a more successful person, a better person. It calls for you to know yourself: to know what you need, what you’re made of, what you’re capable of.
Working well remotely calls for being more intentional, more conscious, more thorough. It calls for taking the time to take care of yourself, to be willing to try new things, to constantly work to improve, even to indulge in your passions.
Working well remotely calls for being more caring and helpful, more conscientious and aware of others. It calls on us to communicate more, to share more, to ask more, and to ask for more. To offer the benefit of the doubt, and to assume positive intent. To express appreciation. It calls on us to be curious—to learn about others. To respect others’ processes, and to trust that others will do what they say they will.
Connection happens when we pay attention to each other. And magic happens when teams align and dreams become goals and goals become reality. When we focus on trust, agree on how to work together, and cultivate closeness, we can do great things together. We can collaborate with people we respect in pursuing what we love most.
Doing great things means being an attentive parent, creating a new form of transportation, or stopping aging. It means working where we are most productive and pursuing what we love most. It means building a company we’re proud of, and collaborating with people we respect.
What I find so personally exciting about being able to work from anywhere is that those of us who want to change the world can easily find each other—and proactively make amazing things happen. Join us!
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