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Jeffry Hesse is an Agile Coach working at Sonatype. He is responsible for working with a fully distributed software development team of 40+ people, helping them to adjust their team process and iron out kinks along the way. Jeffry does this while traveling all over the world. We discuss what the team struggles with and how they make it work. For more stories (and to pre-order the Collaboration Superpowers boo) visit

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Managers biggest fear seems to be "How do I know people are working?". But through interviews, I'm finding that remote workers tend to work too much, not too little. In a world where we're always on, how do we find a healthy balance? For more stories, visit

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David Horowitz is the CEO and Founder of Retrium, new software for facilitating remote retrospectives. We discuss the importance of informal networks, random interactions and silliness, and abolishing the postmortem. For more stories, visit

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I share my 5 top tips for simulating the office online. Specifically, how do we simulate the "human-enss" that we get when we're in the office together. For more stories (and for more information on the Collaboration Superpowers world tour), visit

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