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YANN TOUTANT is the CEO of Econocom NL, the €6bn digital services company in the Netherlands, as well as the President of the French Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. Yann is a strong believer in the ‘location independence’ movement. He believes the associated focus on experiences versus possessions presents a new opportunity to Corporates. In this interview we talk about how companies can get themselves remote ready. For more stories visit

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MAGDA FERRETTI is a business trainer and organizational psychologist helping Polish companies introduce home office policies. Her PhD research focused on leadership in virtual teams and she uses that knowledge to help managers transition to leading from a distance. In this interview we discuss why managers are hesitant to go remote and what they need to do to develop new competencies for leading remote teams. For more stories visit


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TOBY NEWMAN is a Lead of Learning & Development at HERE Technologies. He helps support and create a learning culture throughout a global organization of just under 10,000 people. In this interview, we talk about how to create a culture of learning in your organization, where people don't wait for learning to happen to them. But instead, seek out opportunities to satisfy their curiosities. And he gives us some tips for improving how we learn from each other online. For more stories, visit

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