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People have gotten used to working remotely - but are still struggling with too many meetings & too many messages. Async has become really popular this year - but I’m not sure async is the answer. I think we need to change how we work: rethink meetings, rethink workflows, slow down, be more intentional, think about our information management. Jurgen’s “unfix” model.
The use and purpose of the office has changed/evolved. I get many companies who tried to mandate people - but it didn’t work. Now, people are resolved to figuring out how to make this hybrid/remote-first way of working.
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It is way too easy to schedule a time to talk online. Without any travel time, the allure of back-to-back meetings is great. And while back-to-back meetings are definitely efficient, they’re not great for us mentally - and it’s generally not good meeting practice. Here are all of the tips that I’ve collected that will help you get rid of your unwanted meetings.

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