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Telepresence technology has two main challenges for global companies to consider. The first is the cost and time investment to implement. The equipment can be expensive and there must be a fast, stable internet connection for the quality to be sufficient. It also takes time to learn and adopt new etiquettes when working with virtual colleagues. The second challenge is the security risk of having a remote controlled robot roaming around your office or warehouse streaming information online. In this episode, we explore the downsides of using telepresence technology on remote teams. For more information visit


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Alexandra, Jonathan, and Michael curate 30-day coworking experiences around the world for digital marketers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and people going through life transitions who want to experience location independence. Unsettled wants to encourage people to live outside of their routine as a way to build a fulfilling lifestyle. For more stories, visit

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Feedback is a critical component for continuous improvement on any team. But for remote teams, creating regular feedback loops is critical. In this Superpower Hour, we revisit 5 interviews for great advice for giving feedback on virtual teams. For more stories, visit


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Andy Willis is a Facilitator, Mentor, Speaker and Director of Working From Anywhere. His company helps small business operators, managers and other employees to fit "work around their life" rather than "life around their work". Andy spends several months every year cycling and hiking in the French Alps, and the rest of the year enjoying the beautiful coastal town of Tathra in NSW, Australia. He lives by the mantra "Carpe Diem", seizing every moment of every day. For more stories, visit

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