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TAP International travel programs are designed to provide you with opportunities that enable you to travel the world and enhance your skills, while working remotely for your current employer. With TAP, participants will travel together as a cohort on a 3 month journey around the world. You can join us for a month in your dream destination or for the full incredible 3 month journey. 3 cities • on 3 continents • in 3 months - Join for a month at a time or for all 3! For more stories, visit


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Johanna Rothman is a management consultant for software managers and leaders. She is also the author of many books, most recently “Agile and Lean Program Management: Scaling Collaboration Across the Organization”. She started working with geographically distributed teams in 1988. The breadth of communication tools was very limited in that time, so resolving conflicts had to be done mainly through coming to an understanding through conversations and trying to see each other points of view. For more stories, visit

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Why are more and more people and companies going remote? Freedom and profit. Being able to work from anywhere allows people to find and work on the projects they are most passionate about. This can end up being a key differentiator for businesses too. People can work on the things they love, and businesses can hire people who love what they do versus people who are just doing their jobs. For more stories, visit

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Leslie Truex has been sharing work-at-home information and resources since 1998 through her website, She is the author of several books about how to be successful working at home and has great tips to share for how to approach your manager about flexible working. For more stories, visit

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