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LONA ALIA is a remote work advocate who’s worked and lived in 80+ countries. She's also the Head of Revenue for SAFETY WING, a company offering borderless health insurance, retirement, and pensions. On top of that, they are building the first borderless country on the internet called Plumia. In this interview, we talk about why remote first is a winning strategy for any company, what people are still getting wrong about working remotely, and of course, Plumia! And castles. Let's not forget the castle idea. For more stories visit

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MAGDA FERRETTI is a business trainer and organizational psychologist helping Polish companies introduce home office policies. Her PhD research focused on leadership in virtual teams and she uses that knowledge to help managers transition to leading from a distance. In this interview we discuss why managers are hesitant to go remote and what they need to do to develop new competencies for leading remote teams. For more stories visit

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